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Expert 2nd Opinions

When it comes to patients, many individuals seek confidence in the original diagnosis made by their local hospital and often require reassurance that their diagnosis is correct and an exploration of alternative explanation is available to them.

We have a wide referral network

With our wide referral network, we are in an ideal position to be able to assess and confirm the original diagnosis or suggest additional diagnostic procedures and potential therapeutic avenues if a patient or medical practitioner seek such a service.

We have access to a wide range of advanced diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge technology including immunohistochemical profiling with partners in the Royal Marsden Hospital, University College London, King’s College Hospital group and commercial molecular diagnostic profiling companies such as Champions Caris.

Our procedure is not to assess biopsies in isolation but to place the diagnosis in the context of the clinical background and investigations including imaging and biochemistry.

Consideration for the needs of the patient is of paramount and we only choose investigations carefully according to clinical requirements to avoid unnecessary expense. Our aim is diagnostic excellence and to reassure patients that everything that can be done has been pursued in a respectable and sensitive manner.

The cost of assessments varies according to the level of complexity and amount of effort required to reach the conclusion, in consultation with physicians and surgeons caring for the patient. We believe that our services are competitively priced.

Once our findings have been concluded, our reviews are confidentially transmitted to the professionals where we can undertake additional investigations at further recommendation of course with the approval of the patient and/or those responsible for payment.

For further information please contact our Laboratory on 020 7636 9447 or for out of hours, please feel free to contact Professor Gordon Stamp direct on 07860 821252.

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