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Patient FAQs

We know waiting for test results can be a daunting time and many of you might be considering getting a second opinion. Here are some of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to our services.

What does a second opinion mean?

Getting a second opinion means you wish to have another details analysis done after you have received an initial diagnosis for a medical condition or illness. A second opinion means your sample will be reviewed by another expert medical professional to give their opinion, either to back up the initial diagnosis or to provide another viewpoint.

Why should I get a second opinion?

Getting a second opinion can clarify whether the initial result was correct or can provide peace of mind that the sample provided is normal if there are any doubts over the initial results. It can also provide you with more knowledge and allow you to be more in control of your diagnosis. In some cases, it might provide clues to possible different treatments.

You may also be considering asking a different Doctor to provide your care. We work with a very large number of expert surgeons, physicians, oncologists, and other medical specialist, most of whom are at the forefront of their specialist fields. We can provide you with information, potential recommendations, and contact details for you to consider.

*Please note that even if you have done a lot of research yourself, we will only accept a request for second opinion and/or additional testing if there is an appropriately qualified medical professional that we can transmit the results to. We will not in the first instance give the results directly to you, as it is very important that an appropriately qualified professional is there with you to interpret the medical language in a pathology report, which can be confusing or unnecessarily worrying and they will also be there to explain any next steps to you.

How much will a second opinion cost?

The cost of the services at Advance Histopathology Laboratory varies depending on the testing and analysis required whilst in consultation with physicians and surgeons caring for you.

We believe that our services are competitively priced. We will never do anything which we cannot justify to you or other medical professionals.

Once our findings have been concluded, our reviews are confidentially transmitted to doctors caring for you. If requested, we can undertake additional investigations recommended by them with the approval of yourself and/or those responsible for payment.

When should I get a second opinion?

You should get a second opinion if you believe there is an issue or doubts about your original test result or simply want peace of mind that a diagnosis is correct. In some cases, you may have visited another Doctor or Consultant who has recommended that you get your case pathology reviewed (including any tests you may have had in the past) or they may also be requesting additional tests to be undertaken by us.

How swiftly can this be done?

AH Lab aims to provide a high-quality service with a rapid sample turnaround time. Whilst the time taken for different services will vary, we do not want you to wait any longer than you must as we know how stressful it is to be kept waiting. Our dedicated team can be contacted outside of normal office hours where required.

If you are from overseas or being treated at a different hospital to the doctors you are currently consulting with, it is vital that we get hold of your biopsy or surgery samples as soon as possible and for this we may need you to make the request and/or collect the appropriate samples. In most cases, we need what are called “blocks” which contain your tissue rather than the “slides” that were generated from the blocks. We can probably predict from the original reports what material we need to review, and we can help you with this process.

Do I need to tell my Doctor I am getting a second opinion?

We would strongly recommend involving your GP in this process as we liaise with medical professionals directly. Your GP may also be able to help refer you for a second opinion closer to home and advise you through the results.